Asiel Babastro

Recognized as one of the most talented young directors of video clip in the Island, Asiel Babastro has a track record endorsed with several nominations for the Lucas awards, and the prize in the category of urban music with the theme “Androide” of the popular reguetonero El Chacal. In addition, he has collaborated with other groups and performers such as Waldo Mendoza, Los Desiguales, Karamba, Diván and recently with the great Omara Portuondo and the Mexican Lila Downs.

Graduated in fine arts, in the specialty of painting, he began working with musicians of his native town Morón, in Ciego de Ávila. “I was filming with a photographic camera and achieving acceptable results, but when I arrived in Havana and saw the level with which it was produced, I realized that it took more than enthusiasm and goodwill,” says the filmmaker, who has resided permanently in the capital for a year.

It was with his first audiovisual to the singer Jessee Suárez, filmed in the capital, that his work began to spread in the national television. Part of the success of that clip was due the fact that it had better technology and a more prepared team. At the same time, he was able to boost his interest in caring for the image of the protagonist, according to him.

With a good knowledge of the latest tendencies of the popular style, Babastro asserts that if in addition to artistic values, the video reflects that the musicians are in correspondence with fashion, this will be an added value that will facilitate communication with the public and the insertion of that promotional product in the market. 

“In our country inside the world of the show are the interpreters of Reggaeton that more attend their appearance. We may like it or not, think that they look good or not, but I think that part of the success of that genre is to have well defined the current moment and the demands of their fans. In this respect, he emphasizes: “I consider that if these elements are used well they can favor the audiovisual work”.

In addition to being clear about the demands of the market, Basbastro also like to provide videos of stories and situations that appeal to emotions. “My recipe is to try to find a common denominator between my interests and those of musicians. In that sense, I prefer to take on projects in which I have some creative freedom. Because if I have three minutes I like to say something”.

And it is that usually this creator used to interweave narrative plots and summon professional actors of the stature of Fernando Hechevarría, Patricio Wood, Verónica Lyn, among others. Experiences that also stimulate him to dream of directing a full length film: “I want to shoot a film about our mambís roots. The script is already written and now I’m looking for the right funding because the project is quite ambitious. I consider that cinema is a visual spectacle and as an industry it has to sell. I always try to find that balance between the artistic and the commercial”.

Photo: Alejandro Madorrán and Courtesy of Asiel Babastro your social media marketing partner