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100 Metros a la redonda

They did not want us in Altahabana and we went to do urban art in Cerro!

With these words, the meeting of urban art 100 metros a la redonda was inaugurated on March 15 in El Cerro. This meeting of Cuban plastic artists was held at the Teodoro Ramos Blanco Gallery, which opened...

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Apr 06th Vladimir González
Diana Gutiérrez

Diana Gutiérrez, between classical and popular music

Perhaps you have heard her melodic voice when she accompanies other friends from the scene or weaves a space of his own; maybe you have enjoyed the virtuosity that emanates from her violin; or maybe you...

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Apr 06th Karla Esquivel Baez
Hansel Porras

Hansel Porras García: A life for the arts

Hansel Porras García is a young man who, despite his young age, has demonstrated not only his vocation for art, but also the amount of concerns that move him to create.  Hansel writes, acts, leads,...

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Apr 06th Alejandro Rojas
Ivette Cepeda. Foto: Duamel

Ivette Cepeda, the woman behind the scenes

In 1991, after 17 years of work in the field of education, Ivette Cepeda began her career as a singer. Virtuoso, versatile and fully delivered to the public, the Cuban performer has not stopped to...

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Apr 06th Katherine Pérez
Havana World Music

Havana World Music: Another great celebration of cultural miscegenation

With music as a pretext, the Metropolitan Park of Havana was the ideal location to share and celebrate the diversity of cultures of the world. During three intense days, a score of groups and...

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Apr 06th Alain Planells

Art, money and power in the Yunier Hernández Figueroa’s work

For no one is a secret that the most lasting relationships are those that are established between contrary assumptions: elements, characters, ideals, opposing concepts that in an inexplicable...

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Mar 06th Katherine Pérez
Yeandro Tamayo

Yeandro Tamayo: The ego is a hindrance to creation

Yeandro Tamayo Luvin has traveled many roads to become one of the most demanded video clip makers in Cuba and a suggestive theater director; two passions that make up the day to day of this young...

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Mar 06th Alejandro Madorran
Toques de Río. Foto: 10go

Toques del Río: If they want, you start dancing

From the most western region of Cuba, the musical touches of these twelve boys arrive, mixing the autochthonous with the foreign in a rhythmic formula capable of infecting the most reluctant...

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Mar 06th Karla Esquivel Baez
Shiina. Foto: 10go

SHIINA "Women deserve respect"

With a career that was going from strength to strength within the Anacaona Orchestra, Yoanna Álvarez took the risky but accurate decision to launch as a soloist. Since then, and thanks to her...

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Mar 06th Karla Esquivel Baez


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