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"It's Yoyo Ibarra who sings to you"

He is currently the artist who has included the most songs in the top 10 of Pistacubana-portal that compiles 83 radio stations and national television programs such as Piso 6 and Lucas-, so it is...

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Nov 13th Iviani Padín
Ramy Falcón

Ramy Falcón: Ballad to not forget

Cuban singer Ramy Falcón has a distinctive style: His music seduces and captures lovers all over the world. Both for the content of his lyrics, and for the sound quality of his songs, Ramy has...

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Nov 09th Monica Lezcano

YY β B: current trends and excellent services

Keeping a beauty salon afloat in Cuba today is not an easy task. The boom that self-employment has taken, mainly in the capital, considerably increases competitiveness, so that the survival and...

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Oct 29th Iviani Padín
Yazmín Bowers

Yazmín Bowers records her new album in Cuba

Yazmín Bowers possesses the unparalleled elegance of the north people. She was born in Wisconsin, United States, in a family of musicians. While talking, the transparency of the great lakes that...

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Oct 29th Iviani Padín

Cucurucho Valdés and Asiel Babastro, a clip that pretends to get to the root of the piano

The new video clip by Cuban pianist Cucurucho Valdés is already in post-production after his filming took place in Havana this weekend, under the direction of Asiel Babastro. For the first time, the...

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Sep 24th Lied Lorain Guerra

At the rhythm of Cubadisco 2018

The XXII International Cubadisco Fair will be held from the 23rd to the 30th of September. The inaugural night next Sunday, in the Sala Avellaneda of the National Theater, where the audience will...

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Sep 24th Laura Barrera Jerez
New World

The reality of a New World in Havana

We are the progress of the new generation Without discussion I look towards the future of society Of humanity The new chapter is called My reality A mix of rock Rock n roll, reggae, hip hop,...

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Sep 13th Karla Esquivel Baez
Pablo Milanés: Foto Alejandro Madorran

Eternally Yolanda

With the purpose of paying tribute to the five centuries of Havana and the re-encounter with the public of this city, -the best of them, as he said- Pablo Milanés once again made the melody and the...

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Sep 10th Alejandro Madorran
Septeto Santiaguero

Septeto Santiaguero: A tribute to the Cuban classics

A new album and a national tour are the projects that currently occupy the award-winning Septeto Santiaguero Distinguished by defending the most rooted sonorities of Cuban music and that great...

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Aug 23rd Alejandro Madorran

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